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🐯Spring Networking Meeting【Sustainability x Wisdom, Big Future 】

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a strong tailwind for the world at an unprecedented speed and accelerated the next wave of smart city transformation!

“Smart City Innovation has become a leading force for rapid economic and social recovery, digital innovation, diversity and inclusiveness, environmental sustainability, and the integration of technology into life to reshape a smarter future for all! ️

Part1: “Sustainability x Wisdom: The Great Future”.

Speaker: Dr. Sam Wong, Digital Economy and Industry Development Association, DTA

Dr. Sam Huang will share the method of digital transformation of foreign enterprises, the trend of digital nomad and net-zero carbon emissions, and the practical cases of carbon footprint calculation of international large-scale factories.

What we want you to know:

What is digital transformation and green transformation?

How can technology empower innovation and sustainability, and lead to a new way forward for society, economy, industry and environment?

Part2 Screening: [2023 Green Technology Innovation Award Competition] Description

The annual green technology event! Enterprises to propose and innovations to solve the problem

28 international companies with a total prize fund of 30 million dollars are waiting for you to challenge them!

Part3: Hutoushan Innovation Park Resource Sharing + Team Building and Free Exchange

Speaker: Mr. Yuan Minghong, Operation Specialist

Sharing the advantages of operation services and resident resources, and having a small gathering with entrepreneurial partners.

Don’t miss it if you are interested!

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