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2022 International Autonomous Driving and IOT Connect Worldwide in Autonomous Driving Era

2022/10/20(THU)10:00-15:30 Taoyuan Hutoushan Innovation Hub Expand Autonomous Driving Landscape withLocal and International Innovations. International institutions estimate that, by 2030, autonomous driving markets worldwide will reach US$800 billion. Electric vehicles and autonomous driving are irreversible around the global. It’s not only fundamentally changing the automobile industry, but also groundbreaking to traditionally closed supply chains. This new ecosystem will drive tech industries forward as well. In coordination with the Asian Silicon Valley program, Hutoushan Innovation Hub in Taoyuan was opened on June 18th, 2019. It is tasked to develop autonomous driving and security technologies. It connects with local and international startups, as well as major industrial parks in Taoyuan. It facilitates smart IoT application technologies and industries, accelerates manufacturing transformation in Taoyuan, and enters international IoT application markets.