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Counselling of InfoSec

1.Provide various information security testing consultation and counseling. This year, Digicentre Co., Ltd. provides free web vulnerability scanning services.

Web Vulnerability Scanning

*Service descriptionThe technical consultant scans the target for weaknesses with commercial information security detection software, and then verifies and provides repairing suggestions based on the detected weaknesses.

*Execution content includes:

      • Preliminary test and preliminary test report
      • Preliminary test report description
      • Consultancy service (Email+Phone Support)

After the initial test report is provided, the subject will complete the repair of the weakness within one month to facilitate the retest.

2.Import VicOne In-Vehicle Security (IDPS) vehicle intrusion detection and protection system into the self-driving bus vehicle control system

By completely protecting the key electronic control unit (ECU) of the vehicle, and collecting in-vehicle detection records and telemetry data in real time and sending it to the VSOC Platform for analysis, it can greatly enhance the information security of the self-driving bus system and help the relevant operators to keep abreast of the latest vehicle operating status, expand the vision of information security defense and adapt to future changes in regulations.

Implementing the important position of information security in software system development through the concept of Secure by design will greatly enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan’s overall self-driving car industry chain, and use the most labor-saving and effective resources to meet the requirements of information security regulations of international automakers.