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Course & Seminar

Through the multi-party training and counseling cooperative units to jointly conduct lectures and hold matchmaking meetings to assist domestic and foreign start-up teams in promoting actual business cooperation and in launching entrepreneurship acceleration courses with domestic and foreign enterprises, to enhance the establishment of long-term cooperative relations between the Hub and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and to assist the resident team to succeed in commencing a business. Ultimately, it helps enhance the visibility of new start-up teams from Taoyuan City and create economic benefits. In addition, through the energy of the counsleing cooperative units, plan fixed-point consultations, theme gatherings and entrepreneurial exchange meetings. The above activities mentioned are hold online or physically based on the actual situation of the pandemic situation and in line with the government’s pandemic prevention policies.
one-on-one counseling
Cooperate with Wu Weihao from PwC Taiwan Accounting Firm to provide fixed-point counseling and consulting services in the Hub once every two months, and provide professional advice and necessary assistance for corporate financial accounting problems.