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Event venue rental

The hub provides conference rooms in Building A and Building C for the purpose of product or service display and exchange activities.
Available time::Mondayto ~ Friday, AM 08:00 ~ 12:00/ PM 13:00 ~ 17:00
1. The aim of the rental application must be verified by the hub management center before the rental is permitted, and the restroom will be opened during the rental period. However, on the day of the event, the rental unit must arrange its own manpower as the reception.
2. The maximum of each rental period is 4 hours. If there is no registration for the subsequent period, it can be rented continuously depending on the purpose of borrowing.
3. The registration is open for the usual operating hours of the hub.
4. Those who cancel the lease for any reason without notifying the hub management center in advance, thus affecting the rights and interests of others, are prohibited to make an appointment to use the conference room within one month.

B04 210728 16


Small meeting room

Small meeting room

B04 210728 16


Large meeting room

C棟;大會議室1 1

C棟;大會議室1 1



Fee (NTD)


Meeting Room A

4 hrs


1. Resident companies: using appointment registration system, each time slot is capped at 4 hours. building A conference room is free of charge, building C conference room is provided for each resident company to use 3 times a month free of charge, more than 3 times of subsequent charges in accordance with the announcement of the fee standards at a discount of 50%.

2. Units outside the hub: Charge according to the various fee standards, with a maximum of 4 hours per time slot.

3. Continuous rental is available depending on the purpose of loan.

Meeting Room C

4 hrs


Meeting Room J

4 hrs


Room I

4 hrs


1. Please fill in Attachment 2.

2. The fee includes water, electricity and equipment.

3. Deposit (50% of the total fee)

4. The winning tenderer of the commercial space in building I can give priority to the use and preferential pricing (calculated by the bureau separately).

5. Resident company: provide applications in accordance with the application form, adopting the appointment registration system for one year, one time free use, each time slot to a maximum of 4 hours.

Command Center

4 hrs


1. Deposit (50% of the total fee); water and electricity must be prepared by yourself.

2. In accordance with the properties of the venue and the needs of entry and exit, the borrowing time unit is calculated on a daily basis, and in principle, should be completed before 17:00 on the day of the end of the event.

1. The venue in the hub is opened for reservation during the operation hours of the hub, and the rental fees for other hours are charged in accordance with the fees and charges set forth in the Fee and Charges Regulations.
2. Anyone who cancels the rental without informing the Management Center in advance, thus affecting the rights of others, will not be allowed to reserve the conference rooms for one month.
3. The use of the venue is limited to the application of the resident unit and the company, and is not allowed to be lent to others.
4. Application for activity organization and venue rental must be made two weeks in advance and the application form for venue rental must be submitted.
5. Please email the application form to, and the Management Center will contact you later.