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財團法人金屬工業研究發展中心 Metal Industries Research & Development Centre


MIRDC has an advantage in low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) vehicle design and manufacturing capabilities and key technologies such as LSEV vehicle design, controller network design and development, vehicle-road-cloud coordination, and real-vehicle road testing and validation, etc. The Metal Center expects to expand the scope of cooperation to fill the industry gap through this move-in. From the R&D side, we will establish an open innovation platform for key self-driving technologies. From the commercial side, we will be driven by the industry and transform from an OEM to an automotive electronics system manufacturer.


1. Combine with aftermarket channels to provide domestic industries with unique technologies and advantages to enter the supply chain. 2.Utilizing the abundant resources of the Park's testing and vehicle network to establish an R&D platform ahead of schedule, providing a platform for industry design and validation, and facilitating future cross-border industrial cooperation in Taiwan. 3. Expanding the R&D capabilities of the Metal Center and the opportunities for cooperation with Taoyuan's local municipalities to assist manufacturers in developing automated driving-related technologies, enhancing R&D capabilities, and promoting the nationalization of the industry.