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智人科技股份有限公司 Sapiens Tec


Electric Vehicle Sharing System, Electric Vehicle Manufacturing. With the R&D concept of "Enhancing the value of the sharing economy with intelligent transportation", the company is committed to turning transportation into an organic body with sensory capabilities. Through the manufacturing of its own electric vehicles, the company has crossed over to the manufacturing of vehicles and batteries, and has developed technology related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing capabilities, focusing on the development of IoT hardware and software manufacturing and the development of the supply chain, and realizing benefit sharing benefits through the IoT combined with the advanced application of big data, such as the U-moto Sharing Management Platform. Through the Internet of Things and the U-moto sharing management platform, which combines the application of big data with the advanced body, the company realizes the benefits of benefit sharing, and its dynamic management of data collection more specifically depicts the innovative value of next-generation big data and the trend of commercial application, establishing the sustainable value of the sharing economy.