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The current brand of shared scooter is a “normal” vehicle, and its parking anywhere creates convenience for consumers, but it also creates the problem of occupying parking spaces for the public and neglects the safety of vehicle use.
In response to the rental car market in the tourism market, YATOGO proposes a limited sharing mechanism to provide a new option for rental cars in tourism, allowing travelers to pick up and use the car directly at the hotel, and through the mode of “A-rental, B-return”, they can return the car to YATOGO’s partner hotels or B&Bs throughout Taiwan anywhere they like.
In addition to Ubike’s fixed-point rental and return, YATOGO has also strengthened the rental vehicle insurance, so that both the rider and the passenger can have a safer protection, which makes the trip not only free but also more at ease.


Yilan / Hualien / Kaohsiung Motorcycles (electric / fuel) are available for rent and return at all hotels.
Currently, there are seven models available online, including Yamaha models: Limi 125, BWS 125, Force 155, Vinoora 125, Power Six 125, and NMAX 155, and the electric model is the Ionex i-One Fly, which adopts the Ionex switching system from Sunshine Motorcycles.