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TIA is an excellent distributor of Franch company Schneider in Taiwan, familiar with the European international electronic and electrical field related products, since the early days of the establishment, that is, committed to automatic control, remote monitoring, intelligent production and other related fields of mechanical and electrical integration and system development. Over the years, our R&D achievements include solar power system development, solar cell characterization system development, sewage treatment plant monitoring system, reservoir gate monitoring system, etc. Recently, we have been cooperating with Taiwan’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to carry out intelligent production transformation, and have been developing multifunctional communication equipment control boxes and standard/customized intelligent production monitoring systems. The Multi-Communication Device Control Box helps to integrate the existing Taiwanese, Japanese, and European equipment in the production site into the intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, and can be used with the standard/customized version of the Intelligent Production Supervision and Control System for data acquisition and analysis. In the future, we hope to lead the industry to improve the technical level of the integration of multiple communication systems, optimize the overall production process, significantly increase the production efficiency of the related industries, and jointly create an advantage in the development of new-generation smart production.


Multi-Communication Equipment Control Box
Intelligent Production Monitoring System