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直接跟農夫買股份有限公司 Buydirectlyfromfarmers


We help match companies that are concerned about Taiwan's environment, agriculture, and ESG issues by providing them with customized small farmer gift boxes, corporate adoption programs, volunteer activities, one-stop CSR services, and assistance in compiling quantitative CSR data returns. At the same time, through our assistance, we help consumers by selecting Taiwan's local, seasonal fruits and vegetables, private crafts, sustainable aquatic and pastoral products, and specialty gift boxes, as well as by organizing a variety of rural participation programs, such as the Farmer's Lead the Way and the Raise a Table Food Program, so that enterprises and consumers can work together to help farmers engage in environmentally friendly farming. Use IoT technology and soil carbon reduction monitoring. Assist farmers in setting up IoT sensing devices, providing four types of devices, including "on-site weather stations" to collect weather conditions, "soil sensors" to understand soil conditions, and "time-lapse cameras" to capture crop symptoms, and using wireless transmission modules to collect data in "signal gateways" and upload them to the cloud, assisting users with real-time monitoring of data for agricultural decision-making.


Taiwan's local, seasonal and environmentally friendly fruits and vegetables, various processed agricultural products, sustainable aquatic and pastoral products, and specialty gift boxes total more than 1,000 items.