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復梭有限公司 FLEXO INC


We have successfully developed a product that focuses on shoulder stretching exercises - Shoulder Relief, Patent No. M498607, which has been licensed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as a first-class medical device and is currently being sold for clinical use. Based on the successful version of Shoulder Relief, Shoulder Relief Lite has been developed in Taoyuan's Hutoushan Innovation Hub since 2021, featuring the same safe and stable feel as Shoulder Relief, but more lightweight, easy to store, easy to carry, and more lively colors, including new colors such as Aquamarine, Bright orange, and others. New colors such as blue-green (Aquamarine) and bright orange have been introduced. It is expected that in the modern era where the concept of sports and health care is gradually gaining popularity, the auxiliary use of the stretching belt is no longer limited to the 50-shoulder silver-haired generation, but can also be a good helper for young people to reduce shoulder and neck pain and for families to do stretching exercises together.


Shoulder Rehabilitation Strap (Fifty Shoulder Strap), New Style Shoulder Wheel (Spiral Shoulder Wheel)