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Regulations about stationing

Petition form
The bureau focuses on recruiting applications related to smart transportation, smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, 5G applications, and information security industries.

(1) Individuals, teams, companies or enterprises with innovative application product or service development capabilities and innovative business ideas, and applicants should be qualified for at least one of the following conditions:

    1. At least one team member must be registered in Taoyuan City or work in Taoyuan ( proof of employment, work permit, etc. required)
    2. The company and factory are currently registered in Taoyuan City.
    3. Innovative companies that have been established in other cities intend to expand their base in Taoyuan City.
    4. Engaged in organizations and teams that promote industrial innovation and entrepreneurship.
    5. A legal person or institution established by the International Accelerator in Taiwan.
    6. In line with policies or other related needs, there is a need to encourage the development of innovation and entrepreneurship groups.
    7. The creative team who has been stationed with the approval of the Bureau.

(2) In order to effectively utilize the limited government counseling resources, companies or individuals who have already stationed in other youth entrepreneurship bases of the Taoyuan City Government shall not apply for admission repeatedly.