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Visit application

  1. The Hub mainly provides auto component manufacturers, Internet of Vehicles manufacturers, self-driving R&D teams, and information security teams for R&D testing. It also provides an innovative office for the information security IoT and self-driving R&D teams, and provides related manufacturers to visit and learn about the developing technology and situation about autonomous driving in Taiwan as well as provides conference venues, new offices and related testing projects for paid applications.
  2. The Hub is open to the Internet of Vehicles, auto parts, information security related, start-up teams, and schools above universities to visit or to rent the venue (fees are required), so that people from all areas can have a deeper understanding of the current operation of the Hutoushan Innovation Hub, and can provide timely refelction based on the visit experience, for reference and improvement of the Hub.
  3. Visiting time: Tuesday and Thursday (10:00~12:00), (14:00~17:00)
    (Maximum 2 groups are allowed for the visit each day , and maximum 4 groups are permitted in a week), weekends and national holidays are not open for the visit application.
The flow of the visit in Hutoushan Innovation Hub, Taoyuan
The Hub tour 15 mins
Introduction of the AI self-driving car technology 20 mins
Introduction of the IoT security service 10 mins
Ride on the self-driving car 30 mins
Exchange of opinions 30 mins
Fill in the customer service questionnaire in exchange for a little souvenir from the Hub 5 mins
Price for the Visit Price
Group under 30 people 6000
Group between 31 to 50 people 7500
Group between 51 to 80 people 14000
Note: Cutomized course for your visit is provided. Please do not hesitate to contact the Hub.


  1. The reservation for the group visit is required. Each group visit should have at least 15 to the maximum 50 people. Application should be placed through the official website or Facebook of the Hub and full in the attached application form at least two weeks before the scheduled visit date. Pleaese mail the visit application to
  2. The Hub management center reserves the right to final review whether to accept the visit application or not. After the review is approved, one of our emplyees will contact you.


  1. The visit applicaiton form should be placed two weeks beforehand. The whole tour might take around 1.5 to 2 hours.
  2. The cancellation of the visit should be informed 3 days before the scheduled visit date. The further appointments will be prohibited within three months due to the provisional cancellation.
  3. If there is a manufacturer’s test in the hub, in order to comply with the confidentiality agreement, please do not take pictures.
  4. The hub is a trial spot for self-driving cars. During the trial, cars, motorcycles and bicycles are not allowed to enter.
  5. Visitors are prohibited from smoking, chewing betel nut, bringing pets, contraband or other dangerous items, and are not allowed to arbitrarily take away or damage the public property of the park.
  6. If the hub is not suitable for visiting due to special conditions, the application for open visit may be suspended.
  7. This notice may be updated and revised at any time as necessary.