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Professional self-driving and V2X trial field

Taoyuan Hutoushan Innovation Hub is a leading smart V2X technology hub in Taiwan. The entire hub is covered by 5G signals and provides a complete V2X verification field. The hub thoroughly presents the application of autonomous driving, combining intelligent driving, vehicle automation, vehicle networking, the communication between vehicle and roadside, as well as complete information security of V2X.
Hutoushan Innovation Hub is a settlement of technology research and development, connecting local and international startups, major industrial zones in Taoyuan, vehicle industry and IoT industry, promoting industrial upgrades, supporting the development of new innovations, and driving local smart IoT as well as self-driving technology Industry-related operators to complete digital transformation and automation upgrades.


20 minutes to the airport


40% of the national auto parts output value in Taoyuan


Unique environment by mountains and rivers


Phases 1 and 2 will be connected together to launch a smart transportation park


The Single Service Contact in Taoyuan


The main base for the development of Silicon Valley in Asia