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The Best Self-Driving Training Base in Northern Taiwan

A complete 5G V2X combines with a research and development testing environment for autonomous vehicles. At present, units such as industry, academia and research instituition have been conducting research and development trials here for a long time, which represents that a complete industrial settlement has been formed.

The old military barracks in Hutou Mountain, was transformed into an Intelligent Innovation Hub in Taoyuan.
(a) The hub was a military hospital for 17 years from 1981 to 1997, and was used by the Coast Guard and the District Attorney’s Office for 13 years from 2004 to 2016, but it was evacuated after 2016, and the hub was closed.

(b) In 2016, the Taoyuan Government began to seek central government subsidies, in line with the “Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency”, received a central government subsidy of about ninety million dollars, and the city government raised about sixty million dollars, a total of one hundred and fifty million dollars, to start the first phase of the Hub renovation plan, to build an innovation Hub with the goal of the Internet of Things for Security and the Car Connection and Intelligent Driving, and to retain the old environmental texture as far as possible.

(C) The first phase of the Hub officially opened on June 18, 2019, and since its opening, more than three hundred domestic and international visits have been made to the Hub, with as many as thirty-two countries visiting the Hub.

(d) The second phase of the Hub will be completed in 2022, including the Hub Management Service Center, the Secret Café, and the Office of New Venture Incubation, with a total area of 4.7 hectares. National Taipei University of Technology has begun various research programs in the Hub, which will contribute to the development of tripartite cooperation among industry, government and academia.

The Hub is like a large urban park
In addition to the test track, the outdoor space includes a large grassy area and a plaza in front of the commanding officer’s station, which is open to the general public for recreational use. On holidays, people can be seen having picnics and taking pictures, which is just like a large-scale urban park, so that the Hub will take care of the development of innovative industries and the public’s needs for recreation.


Operator: Kingwaytek Technology Co., Ltd.

 Kingwaytek Technology, the operator of the hub, is an integrated manufacturer of a complete autonomous driving service platform. In addition to obtaining the first road-ready self-driving testing license from the Ministry of Economic Aftairs, R.O.C. it is also a domestic manufacturer that operates the most closed and open road areas.

 Kingwaytek  combines high-precision maps, automatic navigation, car networking platforms and fleet management platforms to integrate and develop total solutions for autonomous driving, and is a complete provider of self-driving service solutions in R.O.C.

  • High-precision map
  • Automatic driving control system
  • Fleet management platform
  • Roadside equipment and C-V2X services
  • Various types of automated vehicles (electric medium-sized buses, street sweepers, micro vehicles, sightseeing vehicles)

At present, the team conducts operation and management of different applications of autonomous driving in Hutoushan Innovation Hub, Taoyuan Airport, Danhai New Town, Zhangbin Industrial Zone, Taiwan 61 Expressway, and Southern Taiwan Science Park, and specializes in providing fully automatic smart transportation solutions.


Introduction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Office

In order to assist in innovative and creative start-ups to realize their entrepreneurial dreams in Taoyuan City, promote industrial development, encourage innovation and investment, guide small and medium-sized enterprises and traditional industries to innovate, upgrade and transform, and enhance industrial competitiveness, the Taoyuan City Government entrusts Taiwan Small and Medium Enterprise Counselling Foundation (Taiwan SMECF) to establish the “Taoyuan City Entrepreneurship and Innovation Service Office”, which was officially opened on June 18, 2018 in the Hutoushan Innovation Hub. The key services include counseling and applying for Taoyuan City’s youth entrepreneurship and SME Credit Guarantee Loan Application, and assisting in referrals to apply for central resources, etc., so that entrepreneurs and local SMEs can enjoy bountiful and convenient entrepreneurial services.

Service hour: 9:00~17:00, Mon.~Fri.
Taoyuan City Entrepreneurship and Innovation Service Office
Toll free service number: 0800-505-158

  • Corporate financial management counseling services
  • Corporate Financing Diagnostic Services
  • Taoyuan City Small and Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Loan Application
  • Enterprise operation and management counseling services
  • Corporate bailout, debt association consultation
  • Referral to government resources