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昊和精工有限公司 HUTRON


HUTRON is invested back to Taiwan by Australian compatriots, and its team has been deeply cultivated in the unmanned vehicle AI and remote control for many years, and hopes to combine Taiwan's hardware capabilities by moving into the park, connecting with the global high-tech industry, and then marketing the world. The goal of this project is to develop an artificial intelligence unmanned aerial vehicle using the Company's onboard and remote control systems, as well as the innovative design of the new composite oil-electric power system, transmission transmission system, and aerodynamic power, which is currently being developed by advanced countries in Europe and the U.S. The Company hopes to introduce this technology into the Park's R&D and field control system. We hope to introduce this technology into the park for research and development and field validation, so that we can help Taiwan to join the ranks of the world as soon as possible, and further promote the development of Taoyuan Aviation City.